We are the first operator in Poland of a public network for the Internet of Things (IoT, Internet of Things) and an integrator of end-to-end IoT solutions for institutions, business and private users.

Our network is dedicated to wireless communication with sensors that monitor variables such as geographical location, resource consumption, environmental parameters and state of machines and systems.

Our engineers design and build complete sensor solutions utilizing LoRa™ and LoRaWAN™ protocol, an open international standard for radio data transmission for IoT.



We design and manufacture sensors, using various telecommunication technology.


We develop our network server. For our devices and integration purpose of third party equipment, we develop dedicated applications.


We manage a telecom IoT network. We provide wireless connectivity and data APIs.

Reference designs

We help manufacturers who do not have the knowledge nor solutions in telecommunications to develop sensors, improving the time-to-market for their products.


Asset tracking

Goods monitoring. Containers and pallets tracking. Avoid thiefs and losses. Process automatisation and optimisation. Ready for Big data analytics.

Smart metering

Reduce operating costs by automatic meter reading. Real-time notification of new tariffe and power outages alerts. Accurate consumption monitoring and billing.

Waste management

Forecast when a dumpster will be full. Automatic route optimization.

Facility management and smart home

Lighting control. Fire, sprinkle and fire extinguishers monitoring. Ventilation control. Room heating control. Shutter control. Heating automation.

Smart City

Smart management of municipal resources such as road traffic, parking lots, street lighting, parks etc. in order to preserve energy and to make the life of inhabitants and visitors easier and more enjoyable.


Personal Tracker

Geolocation sensor for use in personal safety and animal tracking applications. Uses GPS (GNSS) and accelerometeric movement detection.

The SOS button triggers the rescue call and optional power on/off button suspends tracking functions. More frequent location updates increase power consumption thus the Personal Tracker supports micro USB power charging.

Personal Tracker can come in customized wearable versions. A animal monitoring version can be equipped with solar panels in order to increase its power autonomy.

Cargo Tracker

The sensor is designed for industrial use in logistics and transport. It calculates the geographical location based on the GPS (GNSS). IP67 case.

In order to ensure service continuity the sensor is equipped with hybrid LoRaWAN and GPRS connectivity system and solar panels. It includes accelerometer for movement detection, which can also be used to determine hit or fall of the tracked object.

In case of temporarily lost connectivity acquired parameters can be stored in the sensor memory for later transmission to the tracking application. Similarly to Asset Tracker, Cargo Tracker can be customized mechanically and functionally. It can be auxiliarily powered with solar panels in order to raise reliability.

Asset Tracker

Geolocation sensor based on GPS (GNSS) and designed for ultra long life on battery by using Low Power WAN technology. Further battery life extension is ensured by intelligent movement detection mechanism based on the integrated accelerometer. The sensor can run a number of years without battery replacement, significantly reducing operational costs.

The Asset Tracker can be customized mechanically (mount, form factor and shape of the case) and functionally (communication frequency and triggers, hit detection, orientation detection, visual or sound signal controlled remotely by the operator etc.). Type and capacity of the battery can be also adapted. E.g. the version dedicated to the use with bicycles has its case adapted to fit and match the mechanical design of a bicycle frame.

The case is IP67 compliant and supports quick and firm fix. Also firmware of the customized sensor has been modified to support many operation modes, like "normal", "pursuit", "stand by" etc.


We roll out the first public LoRaWAN IoT Network in Poland. Currently our base stations provide outdoor coverage up to 30 km from the Warsaw city centre.

We will will provide coverage in the 17 biggest cities in Poland. Further deployments are planned according to customer needs as well as for indoor and deep indoor needs by some applications.

We develop our own system responsible for reliable operation of our network (Network Server) that implements LoRaWAN™ specification in version 1.0.2. Our clients communicate with their end-devices through dedicated HTTP REST/WebSocket and MQTT interfaces. The Network Server is the core of our network and ensures reliable operations of every connected device.