We are the first operator in Poland of a public network for the Internet of Things (IoT, the Internet of Things) and an integrator of end-to-end IoT solutions for institutions, business and private users.

Our network is dedicated to wireless communication with sensors that monitor variables such as geographical location, resource consumption, environmental parameters and state of machines and systems.

Our engineers design and build complete sensor solutions utilizing Lora and LoRaWAN protocol, an open international standard for radio data transmission for IoT.

We are a member of an international organization Lora Alliance that brings together manufacturers and network operators that use LoRa technology.


We design and manufacture sensors, using various telecommunication technology.


We develop our network server. For our devices and integration purpose of third party equipment, we develop dedicated applications.


We manage a telecom IoT network. We provide wireless connectivity and data APIs.

Reference designs

We help manufacturers who have not the knowledge nor solutions in telecommunications to develop sensors and telecom blocks , improving the time-to-market for their products.

Netemera develops and operates a LoRa®-enabled IoT Network (Network for Machines).

Our base stations provide outdoor coverage up to 30 km from the Warsaw city centre, for a population adding to more than two millions inhabitants and a surface of around seven hundreds km2 (six times the surface of Paris).

By the end of 2017 we will provide coverage also in the next 17 biggest Polish cities (Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Katowice, Białystok, Gdynia, Częstochowa, Radom, Sosnowiec, Toruń, Kielce, Rzeszów).

Further deployments are planned for specific customers needs as well as for indoor and deep indoor deployment for given applications.

Netemera develops and operates an in-cloud network server that implements the LoRaWAN™ standard.

The Netemera Network server is the core of our network and ensures reliable operations of every connected sensor or actuator.

Our customers interface with a HTTP REST/Websocket and MQTT APIs to collect data, manage and communicate with their devices.

The LoRaWAN™ protocol standardises low-power, wide-area networks (LPWAN) with direct connection of low-power end devices to gateways, and cloud-based network servers to enable interoperability between IoT applications. LoRa is a worldwide leading standard backed by an international Alliance including leading companies as IBM, Cisco, Semtech, as well as innovative technology firms.

Low consumption

Max lifetime, low power optimised, till 10 years battery AA, depending on usage

Deep Indoor

Coverage of deep indoor areas, as parking, no-windows rooms, cellars.


Sensors sending and receiving. Ability to control the sensors.

Long Range

Greater than 20 km rural and 6 km urban.


Privacy, authenticity and message integrity are assured end-to-end thanks to AES-128 CCM protocol.

Low Costs

Low cost end node. Open Software. Lower cost than Cellular, WiFi or BlueTooth.

Thanks to proven new technologies and an innovative team, Netemera brings more efficient M2M solutions than existing ones, as a well as a range of new affordable solutions.

Smart metering

Reduce operating costs by automatic meter reading. Real-time notification of new tariffe and power outages alerts. Accurate consumption monitoring and billing.

Smart lighting

Intelligent street lighting. Real-time information for energy optimisation and effective maintenance. Emergency flashing near an incident scene or for alarm to citizens.

Asset tracking

Goods monitoring. Containers and pallets tracking. Avoid thiefs and losses. Process automatisation and optimisation. Ready for Big data analytics.

Waste management

Forecast when a dumpster will be full. Automatic route optimization.

Usage-based insurance

Closely align driving behaviors with premium rates for auto insurance.

Precision agriculture

Telemetry for temperature, humidity or for any specific parameter. Cattle tracking and monitoring. Smart irrigation. Fence monitoring.


Optimisation of parking places. Dormant cars.


Smoke and CO sensors. Sprinkle and fire extinguishers monitoring. Remote alerts. Monitoring for insurance companies and landlords.


Road control. Snow - freeze, humidity. Infrastructure.


Lighting control. Fire, sprinkle and fire extinguishers monitoring. Ventilation control. Room heating control. Shutter control. Heating automation.